9 Best Wix Templates for Authors

9 Best Wix Templates for Authors

Your author's website is your debut in the digital world, much like a debut novel in literature. It serves as the first impression for the worldwide online community, where readers, critics, and collaborators peek into your creative output.

A visually appealing and responsive website is crucial for engagement and sales, making platforms like Wix, with templates such as Barley and Decker, a valuable solution. These user-friendly options help authors efficiently showcase their work, engage with their audience, and promote events like book tours. This post discusses the 9 best author templates, simplifying the process of your online writing debut.

Key Takeaways
Choosing the right template can transform your author's website into a reader's haven.
Engaging features like blogs and reviews build a community around your work.
Exploring beyond traditional categories uncovers templates that truly resonate with your style.

Top 9 Best Wix Templates for Authors

These 9 templates offer a range of features and designs to help you create a stunning and functional website that showcases your literary works and engages your audience effectively. May it be a template to tell your story, for reader interaction, or a professional authorial image, Wix has got you with the following:

Alice Barley Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Alice Barley

For authors looking for a modern yet simple aesthetic, the Alice Barley template stands out. Its sleek design ensures your content takes center stage. Its layout is characterized by bold typography surrounded by a wide white space, ensuring to capture your reader’s attention with words that jump off their screen.

Alice Barley Highlights

  • Merges the simplicity of print with the sophistication of a modern portfolio.
  • Perfect for authors who prefer eye-catching typography and minimalist design for their words to be the focus.
  • A unique side menu enhances the user experience, guiding visitors through your content in a well-organized space.

Elijah Louis Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Elijah Louis

The Elijah Louis template offers a fresh, eye-catching layout, allowing authors to showcase their work and personality. It features a contemporary layout with vibrant colors and space for large images, perfect for authors ready to make a statement and connect with their audience on a personal level. It’s the perfect balance between showcasing your professional work and personal brand, offering a platform that invites readers to know the person behind the pen.

Elijah Louis Highlights

  • Designed for creative professionals, this template showcases your CV in a bright, bold, and modern style.
  • Allows you to effectively display your skills and project work, highlighting your unique creative flair.
  • Editable to match your imaginative personality, ensuring your originality is front and center.

Andy Decker Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Andy Decker

For authors aiming to promote their writing career with a sleek and contemporary design, the Andy Decker template is your top choice. It offers functionality without sacrificing style. It features a modern, grid-based layout that allows you to create a visually appealing website with various content blocks and sections. It's a straightforward layout that includes sections for a biography, a catalog for works, and contact information, all presented in a modern font that draws the reader’s eye to scroll on.

Andy Decker Highlights

  • Tailored for authors and journalists, this template is perfect for promoting novels or publications with a modern, attractive design.
  • Easily customizable, allowing for the upload of book covers and personalization of text and images to match your style.
  • Features a News & Events section to keep fans informed about upcoming book signings or literary events.

Nicol Rider Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Nicol Rider

The Nicol Rider template is crafted for authors aiming to present themselves professionally while also being approachable. It features a well-organized, user-friendly layout that makes it easy for readers to explore your works and learn about your background. It includes specific sections for showcasing your books, press reviews, and upcoming events.

Nicol Rider Highlights

  • Excellent for authors who want to showcase their CV, resume, or portfolio, highlighting their skills and experience.
  • Offers a platform to display your qualifications and past projects, enhancing your professional online presence.
  • Features an approachable design, allowing you to share a glimpse of your personality and professionalism easily.

Ryan Fields Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Ryan Fields

If you want to captivate your audience with dynamic content, embrace the Ryan Fields template. A dynamic choice for authors who want to leverage the use of multimedia, creating an interactive platform. It supports video integration right on the homepage, allowing authors to introduce themselves or their latest works through a personal message or book trailer.

Ryan Fields Highlights

  • Offers a one-page template showcasing the professional experience and services of editors, writers, and journalists with an engaging video background.
  • Provides a platform to display past clients and projects, enhancing credibility and showcasing your portfolio.
  • Highlights positive reviews from satisfied customers, boosting your professional image and attracting potential clients.

T.S. Hewitt Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by T.S.Hewitt

The T.S. Hewitt template offers a classic and refined design, perfect for showcasing your finest works. It’s perfect for authors whose work resonates with traditional literary styles. It features a space for detailed book descriptions, author biographies, and event announcements, making it ideal for authors to connect with their audience and potential clients.

T.S.Hewitt Highlights

  • Particularly suited for established authors with a significant body of work to showcase their contributions in a manner that reflects their status in the literary community.
  • Provides ample space for book promotions, press reviews, and announcements of upcoming events.
  • Features easy editing options for text and the ability to upload custom book covers, facilitating direct sales of your books.

Emily Clark Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Emily Clark

The Emily Clark template is designed for digital bookstores, eBook, and online magazine publishers who want to make a bold statement with its aesthetic layout and beautiful imagery. It's an ideal choice for authors who have recently published a new eBook and are looking to promote their work online. It’s perfect for authors who see their website as an extension of their writing, offering a visually rich platform to captivate readers.

Emily Clark Highlights

  • Ideal for authors to showcase their new eBooks, offering a beautiful platform to upload digital files and cover photos.
  • Organizes the promotion of eBooks and digital publications with its user-friendly design and functionality.
  • Features engaging visual elements that can be customized to highlight the unique cover art of each publication.

Noah Matthews Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Noah Matthews

The Noah Matthews template is amazing for authors looking to make their digital impact. It offers a unique blend of creativity and organization, featuring a layout that’s both attractive and functional. It includes dedicated areas for biographies, book listings, and reader engagement, all presented in an inviting and modern style, making it easy for readers to explore and connect with the author and their catalog.

Noah Matthews Highlights

  • Excellent for authors who want to present their work and themselves in a sleek and sophisticated design
  • Features dedicated sections for author bios, book reviews, and more, highlighting your career and personality.
  • Simplifies the website creation process for authors of any genre, making it easy to personalize and go live.

Daniel Mayer Template

Best Wix Author Website Template - wix author template designed by Daniel Mayer

With its vibrant design and comprehensive feature set, the Daniel Mayer template is a powerhouse for authors looking to showcase their broad portfolio. With features that include everything from book cover gallery layouts to sections for author events and press, it allows the author to showcase a compelling website. Its slick, colorful design is perfect for highlighting your skills, experiences, and portfolio.

Daniel Mayer Highlights

  • Best suited for authors who require a versatile platform to showcase their projects and highlight their services.
  • Features an easy-to-edit layout, allowing for quick customization to reflect your unique style and professional identity.
  • Features easy navigation and straightforward prompts for potential clients to quickly reach out and engage with you.

Importance of a Wix Author Website

But first things first, do you really need an author website? Yes, an author still needs a website! An author’s website is like your online home. It helps readers find you, learn about your work, and stay connected like never before. It’s a cornerstone of your digital presence and offers a level of professionalism, control, and direct engagement with readers that is hard to do through other physical means alone. More than that, an author's website holds significant importance for several reasons:


A website serves as a professional hub for your work. It shows that you take your career as an author seriously and provides a central, official space for your presence online.

Control and Customization

Unlike social media and third-party platforms, a dedicated website gives you complete control over your brand. You can design and curate content that aligns with your author identity, free from external constraints and distractions.

Direct Engagement

Your website enables direct engagement with your audience through mailing lists, blogs, and news updates. This direct line of communication is invaluable for sharing news, announcing book releases, and connecting with readers without being solely dependent on social media algorithms.

Sales and Marketing

Your website serves as a hub for marketing your books and merchandise. You can promote and sell signed copies of your books, and merchandise, and even offer paid subscriptions for exclusive content.

SEO and Discoverability

Having a website improves your online discoverability. By optimizing your site for search engines (SEO), you can increase your visibility to potential new readers who are searching for books or topics related to your work.

Monetization Opportunities

Your website provides opportunities for direct monetization. You can generate income by selling books, merchandise, and exclusive content, enhancing your revenue streams as an author.

Choosing a Wix Template for Authors

Choosing a Wix template for authors involves evaluating various aspects to ensure that it aligns with your needs and goals. Here's how you can assess a Wix template based on key factors:

Aesthetic Appeal

The first thing to consider in creating your website is the template’s visual appeal, not only to you but your readership. Does it have a design that resonates with your brand? How about your writing style? Does it display all of your achievements and works beautifully? Look for templates that reflect your aesthetic preferences and make a positive impression on visitors.


Check the template's functionality in terms of how it supports your author's website's objectives. Consider features like navigation menus, content organization, and the ability to showcase your books, blog, events, and other content. Ensure the template layout makes it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for.

Ease of Use

Evaluate the template's user-friendliness. Wix is known for its intuitive website builder, but some templates may be more straightforward to customize than others. Choose a template that you feel comfortable working with, especially if you plan to make regular updates and additions to your website.

Engagement Features

Make sure the template includes engagement features that are important to you. Such features could be for easy integration of essential tools like a blog for updates, social media links to connect with readers, newsletter sign-up forms to build your email list, and event calendars to promote book tours and signings. It could also offer comment sections for reader interactions and contact forms for streamlined communication with your audience. These features will help you create a dynamic and interactive online platform as an author.

SEO Capabilities

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for driving organic traffic to your website. Check if the template is optimized for SEO, including customizable meta tags, headings, and URLs. Ensure that the template allows you to add alt text to images, optimize load times, and provide a clean code structure.

Sharing Your Story through a Wix Author Website

An author's site is more than a showcase of books and awards; it's a space for connecting personally with fans. Wix templates are built to enhance this connection, featuring special sections for your life story, successes, and what inspires your writing. This keeps readers interested and feeling close to you. When you pick the right template, you're creating a community, not just a website.

Each template lets you interact with your audience in unique ways. Through engaging blogs, photo galleries, or easy ways to buy your books, your website becomes a reflection of your creativity. It turns into a lively space where your voice and stories come alive.

Conclusion: 9 Best Wix Templates for Authors

An author’s website is not only beneficial but essential to the success of an author—newcomer or professional alike. It’s a space for direct interaction with fans, managing how the world sees you, and finding new ways to make money outside of traditional book sales. Choosing the right Wix template for your site is key—taking into account its look, how it works, how easy it is to use, its ability to engage visitors, and how well it can rank on search engines.

Wix provides you with a variety of templates tailored to your needs, each with its special features to highlight your work, connect with your audience, and boost your visibility online. Whether you prefer the content-focused Alice Barley, the video-friendly Ryan Fields, or the professional Nicol Rider template, there's one to match every author's style and goals. By choosing the right Wix author template, you can create a stunning and functional website that not only reflects your brand but also connects you with readers worldwide, opening up new revenue streams, and elevating your professional career to new levels.

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