Does Wix Take a Percentage of Sales?

Does Wix Take a Percentage of Sales?

In 2019 Wix launched its own in-house payment gateway. This can be used in addition or instead of other payment methods that are available on the platform. Its popularity has grown as 8 out of 10 new Wix users are now using the payment system provided by Wix.

Here is a quick guide to Wix Payments.

What is Wix Payments?

Wix Payments is the free in-house payment gateway. It allows users on the business plans to take payments without the need for a third-party processor. You’re still able to use it alongside PayPal and this can offer your customers more choice when they’re making a purchase on your website.

With Wix Payments, you can accept secure online payments, manage all the transactions from your business through the Wix dashboard, handle the business’ payout schedule, process refunds and chargebacks, offer flexible payments, create membership schemes and subscriptions. You’re also able to accept payments from any device.

What is the Cost of Wix Payments?

Like with all other payment processing systems there is a cost that you will need to be aware of. All transactions cost $0.30 in addition to 2.9% of the cart total that is being processed. This is comparable to the more expensive option offered by PayPal and other card processors.

However, there are no other fees that are charged against the transaction. This is in contrast to other platforms, like Shopify, that will charge fees unless you use the in-house payment system. With Wix, whether you use Wix Payments or PayPal, you will not have any additional charge.

There are no setup fees either. Therefore, you can use the plan as soon as you’ve subscribed to one of the Wix business plans and you set up the payments system on your website.

If there are any refunds or chargebacks, these are free as well. Therefore, the amount that leaves your account is going to be the same amount that is paid back to your customer. Other payment processors don’t do this, they can charge a fee for the return.

Final Word: Does Wix Take a Percentage of Sales?

No, Wix does not take a percentage of sales made through your website. They take a payment processing fee if you use Wix Payments, but this is at the same rate as you will get with other third-party payment processors on the market. Though there are a few other benefits you will get with Wix Payments that you don’t get with others.

You can learn more about Wix and how you can use Wix Payments on their website.

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