How Much Should I Charge to Build a Wix Website?

How Much Should I Charge to Build a Wix Website?

If you’re a website designer and would like to build Wix websites you might want to know how much you should charge for building a website. This is a tough question and you need to think very carefully and consider the following elements when choosing how much you should charge.

1. Your Expertise

The first thing you should include is how experienced in designing Wix websites you are. Those with less experience should try to reduce their prices. This can help you attract new customers to your service and build a portfolio that allows you to increase the cost of your services.

Those who have lots of expertise can charge a lot more for the services of designing a website. The advantage of a Wix website designer is that there are fewer Wix website designers available.

2. How Much You’re Going to do

The next step is to work out how much you’re going to offer the customer when you design their website. Are you going to edit images and add those to the site. Add SEO elements so that their website will rank. Are you going to create the content?

Other basic questions could be related to the number of pages that you could create for them. One option is to charge a flat rate for the first five pages and then charge for every page over that. For instance, you could charge $500 for the first 5 pages and then $75 for every page over that.

You might also want to charge for every product that you can add to the website.

3. Time Frame

You can charge more if you’re going to offer clients a faster turnaround on the website. For instance, if you’re offering a week to complete the job, then you can charge a lot more if you’re going to do it in a month or two.

Time frames are risky, however. Because sometimes you will need to return to the customer to get some information and you’re dependent on them getting back to you. Any delay you will have missed deadlines. So be sure that you have everything you need to get the job done in the task that you’re looking for.

4. Costs

Sometimes there are costs that you’re going to incur along the way. This could be meetings with the clients, graphic designers, image rights, video creation, content creators, etc.. Be sure that you include these costs within your price. You don’t want to be out of pocket because of the cost.

Final Word: How Much Should I Charge to Build a Wix Website?

When it comes to building a Wix website, you can charge whatever amount you think a client will pay. Some will want the website on the cheap and others will be willing to pay a premium. You just have to decide what the type of client you want to attract is. Then factor in all your costs and the right amount to ensure that you can build a website at a fair cost for you and the client.

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