How to Change a Wix Template

How to Change a Wix Template

Sometimes you need to make sure that your Wix website feels fresh. There are lots of different ways to do this. Regularly contributing to a blog post and having a feed on your homepage is one way to show continuous activity on your website. Changing the text and pictures that are also on a page can be a good option.

There are those, however, that would like to see their website change completely after so long. A fresh design can invigorate your customers and make them pay more interest in your brand. Or it could backfire and they won’t recognize your website or branding and abandon you.

To change the complete design of a website, more platforms would require you to completely change the template. However, this is not possible with Wix. The template that you’ve selected at the first instance of building your website means you’re stuck with it.

This is one of the reasons why you should always carefully consider what template you’re using when you start to build your website.

How do I Change the Look of my Website

If you’re looking to change the style and look of the website, there are other options for you. The first is that you can create a new website, from scratch and then switch the custom domain from the old website to the new one. This can be done with ease, but it takes a lot of work.

The other option is that you use the free drag and drop page builder to alter the website template that you have at the moment and make small, meaningful changes.

For instance, you can change the location of any and all the call-to-action buttons. Change the color of the text, position of images and other elements to make your website look new but keep the general theme of the website.

Another option could be that you add elements to your website. Add a new video, images and text into places that make the website look different.

Final Word: How to Change a Wix Template

When it comes to designing your website in the first instance, the template that you choose for your website is the one you’re going to stick with for the time of your website. There are things you can do to change the look of your website with a good website builder, but you can’t change that template.

If you really don’t like the website, then you can restart your website and choose a new one. But this will lose you a lot of data and can hinder your SEO results.