How to Set Up Wix Events

How to Set Up Wix Events

Hosting events is a great way to engage your audience and grow your business, and Wix makes it easy to create and manage events right on your website. Whether you're planning a workshop, a party, or a webinar, Wix Events lets you manage everything from ticketing and RSVPs to guest lists and check-in. It saves you time and keeps everything organized, all in one place.

In just a few simple steps, you can have your event up and running on your Wix site. To set up a Wix event, click 'Events' on your dashboard, add a new event, fill out the details like name, date, time and location, create a draft, and publish to make it live and start accepting registrations. This guide covers all the essential steps to ensure your event is a success. From choosing the right event type, such as RSVP, ticketed, single, or recurring, to filling out the necessary details and publishing your event, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to start planning and hosting engaging events that will attract and delight your audience.

Key Takeaways
Organize events into categories to make them easy to find on your site.
Customize registration settings, ticket options, and event policies to manage your event.
Analyze event performance data to measure success and make improvements next time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Wix Events

Setting up Wix Events is a simple and efficient process that allows you to create, manage, and promote manage a variety of event types, from conferences and concerts to weddings and parties with ease. With just a few clicks, you can have your event up and running in no time.

Here's how you can get started.

Step 1: Click 'Events' on Your Wix Dashboard

How to Set Up Wix Events - Click 'Events' on your Wix dashboard

In your Wix dashboard menu, look for the 'Events' section and click on it to access the event management tools. You'll be taken to the main events page where you can view any existing events and create new ones.

Step 2: Click '+ Add New Event' or '+ Add Event'

How to Set Up Wix Events - Click 'Add New Event' to start creating your event

Once you're on the events page, look for the button to add a new event. There's two buttons to create an event: one from the upper right corner and the other is at the middle bottom of the page. Click those buttons to start the process of creating your event.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Event Details 

A new window will open where you need to fill out your event details. Provide all the key details about your event as it'll be displayed on your event page and used to promote the event to potential attendees.

How to Set Up Wix Events - You can fill out the general information of your event

You'll first need to fill out the general information about your event. This includes the event name, an event image, event categories, and an optional short teaser.

Create an engaging event name that clearly communicates the purpose of the event. Choose a high-quality, visually appealing image that represents the essence of your event, and consider hiring a professional photographer or using a stock image if needed. Categorize your event accurately to help organize it on your website and make it easier for people to find, and optionally add a short, compelling teaser description to pique interest.

How to Set Up Wix Events - You can input the date and time of your event

Next section is where you'll specify the date and time of your event. You can choose whether it's a single event, a recurring event, or to be decided if you're unsure. Fill out the start and end date and time, keeping in mind that you can toggle on options to display the end date/time and choose the time zone. This ensures attendees have a clear understanding of when the event takes place, regardless of their location.

How to Set Up Wix Events - You can input the event location

The last section is the location of your event. You can choose whether it's an in-person event at a physical venue, an online/virtual event, or leave the location as 'To be decided' if you're still finalizing the details. You also have a a text field to enter the address or venue name.

Below that, you'll find an 'About the Event' section where you can provide guests with additional details like the event schedule, speaker information, and any other important details they should know. This section is optional.

Step 4: Click 'Create Draft' and Publish Your Event

How to Set Up Wix Events - Click 'Create Draft' to finalize your event details

Once you've entered all the event details, click 'Create Draft' to save your event as a draft. You'll be taken to a new window where you can make any final tweaks or adjustments before publishing it live.

How to Set Up Wix Events - Click 'Publish' to make your event live and visible to attendees

When you're ready, click 'Publish' to make your event visible to attendees and start accepting registrations or ticket sales.

Choosing A Wix Event Type

When setting up an event on Wix, the first step is to choose the type of event you want to create. Wix offers several options that cater to different event needs and goals. Understanding the key differences between these event types will help you select the one that best fits your event.

Here's the different type of Wix Events to help you manage and promote your event effectively:

RSVP Events

Perfect for gatherings where you want to track attendance without selling tickets. This could be ideal for weddings, parties, or meetups where you need to get a headcount for planning purposes. Guests can RSVP to let you know if they plan to come. This allows you to get a headcount without the complexity of ticketing.

Ticketed Events

This option is ideal for situations where you're selling tickets to your event, even if they're free. Ticketed events could include concerts, tours, conferences, workshops, and festivals. With ticketed events, you can charge for admission, offer discounts, and manage membership plans. This is a great choice for conferences, workshops, or any event where admission control is necessary.

Single Events

One-time occurrences like a seminar, wedding, or a birthday party is perfect for single events. This type of event has a defined start and end time, and it's not set to repeat on a regular schedule. This is the simplest event type to set up, as you only need to create the event details once.

Recurring Events

Useful for activities that take place at regular intervals, Recurring events allow you to easily set up and manage a series of events with the same details. You can easily set the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and choose specific dates or weekdays for the recurring event. This saves time compared to creating a new event from scratch each time.

Why Use Wix Events?

Planning an event, whether a casual gathering or a professional conference, can involve juggling numerous tasks. From managing invitations to tracking attendance, keeping everything organized can be a challenge. Wix Events steps in as an all-in-one solution, simplifying the process and letting you focus on creating a successful event.

Here's the key reasons why you should consider using Wix Events for your next event:

Easily Create and Customize Events

With Wix Events, creating an event is pretty easy. You can quickly add all the essential details, such as the event type, date, time, location, and description. The platform offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the event page to match your brand's style and the event's theme.

From selecting colors and fonts to choosing the perfect layout, Wix Events gives you the flexibility to create a visually appealing and engaging event page that captures your audience's attention.

Manage RSVPs and Ticket Sales

Wix Events simplifies the process of managing RSVPs and ticket sales. For RSVP events, guests can easily register through a customizable registration form. If your event requires tickets, you can sell them directly through your website and manage the entire checkout process.

The platform allows you to set registration settings, event policies, and customize email notifications, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both you and your attendees.

Display Events on Your Site

Instead of directing people to a separate platform, Wix Events allows you to embed your event directly on your website. Once you've created your event, you can easily publish it to your website using Wix Events.

The platform offers various options for showcasing your events, allowing you to manually select which ones to display or automatically show upcoming events. You can customize the event header, info, and ticket picker to ensure that your events are prominently featured and consistent with your website's branding.

Add Optional Features

Wix Events integrates with other Wix apps, enabling you to add valuable features to enhance your event experience. For online events, you can incorporate video conferencing capabilities. For in-person events with assigned seating, you can include seating maps. The platform also offers options for creating schedules and groups, allowing attendees to stay organized and engaged throughout the event.

Manage Everything in One Place

 Managing everything from invitations to ticket sales in one central location eliminates the need to switch between different tools. From creating and publishing events to selling tickets, managing RSVPs, checking in attendees, and accessing reports, everything is centralized and easily accessible. Wix Events provides a comprehensive dashboard for you to oversee all aspects of your event and make real-time adjustments if necessary.

Conclusion: How to Set Up Wix Events

Setting up events on your Wix website is a powerful way to engage your audience, promote your brand, and potentially generate revenue through ticket sales. With Wix Events, you have a comprehensive set of tools at your fingertips to create and manage events of all kinds, from conferences and concerts to weddings and parties. This not only saves you time and effort but also provides a professional and simplified experience for your attendees.

Following this guide allows you to easily create an event page, customize the details, sell tickets, and promote your event to potential attendees. Remember to choose an eye-catching event name, select a visually appealing cover image, and provide thorough details about the event date, time, location, and schedule. Take advantage of Wix's event categories to organize your events and make them easy to find on your site. With Wix Events, you can even host online events or hybrid events with both in-person and virtual components that gives your business the potential to connect with new customers, boost engagement, and reach new heights.

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Wix's event management features are usually included in their website plans, but some advanced features like ticketing and payment processing may require additional costs or a higher subscription tier. It's recommended to check Wix's pricing and feature information for the latest details.

Yes, you can easily embed your Wix events on other websites, social media platforms, or even in email communications. This allows you to extend the reach and visibility of your events beyond your Wix website.

Absolutely. Wix enables you to set capacity limits for your events, allowing you to control the number of registrations and ensure a comfortable experience for your attendees.