Does Wix Host Websites?

Does Wix Host Websites?

Wix is known to be a good website builder. However, it is also a website host. They host all the websites that are built on their platform. This has its own advantages that customers can really benefit from. Here are some of the benefits that you can realize with Wix.

Simplified Web Hosting

The fact that they host their websites, makes the process of finding and having a host much easier. You don’t need to choose between systems, server specifications or anything else. You just choose the plan that you need for your website and select your add-ons.

Therefore, it makes the choice much easier for new businesses to make a choice.

What do you get with Wix Hosting?

When you have a new website with Wix, you can get free website building tools and hosting. The secure hosting is perfect for protecting your website from criminals who might want your website’s data.

In addition, you will get access to 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. This is great for those personal projects that you don’t want to spend too much time on. However, you will be limited to a free domain that will look like this: username.wixsite.com/domainname.

This is not as good as you would like for SEO purposes. This can limit the access and traffic you will get with your website and can limit profitability. Within the free plan, you will also have poor options for payments and more.

You will also have to have ads on your website. This can distract your audience from your key messages and could lose you traffic. However, this is one of the ways that Wix makes money and allows you to have free hosting on your website.

However, you do have the option to use a custom domain that allows you to connect your website to a proper domain. This is much preferred for SEO and branding purposes. This is done with a premium plan that can also help you remove adverts, have more storage and bandwidth and grow your business with eCommerce.

Final Word: Does Wix Host Websites?

Wix does host websites on their platform and there are numerous reasons why you might want to use them. The simplified hosting and ease to understand costs and performance are good reasons. Also, you can focus on your website. There are free and premium options when it comes to hosting on Wix, one will give you the chance to have a professional website without the adverts or messy domain that can detract from your stylish website design.