How Does Wix Make Money?

How Does Wix Make Money?

There are several ways that Wix can make money on their platform. It does depend very heavily on your choice as to what you use Wix for and how you use Wix as to how they will make money off you. So here are the various ways that Wix makes money and what that can mean for you and your business.

1. Adverts

If you’re using the free web hosting package on Wix then there will be plenty of adverts that are located on your website. When someone clicks on these adverts, the company showcasing the advert pays Wix some money. This is kept by Wix. You do not take a share of any of the money.

This can have some negative points. It does mean traffic leaves your site and you have no control over what adverts are shown on your website. However, it does allow Wix to generate revenue and provide free web hosting.

2. Plans

The next way that Wix can earn money is through the plans that they sell for more premium hosting. This is broken into several levels with each level offering different levels of features to the user. For instance, the basic premium plan only allows you to connect a domain to your website, all the adverts remain.

There are other plans for eCommerce and higher levels of traffic, storage and bandwidth. The costs can get high, so be sure that you need the features that you’re paying for.

3. Email

If you’re looking for email for your business with your website’s domain, then you will need to pay extra. This is another way Wix earns revenue to offer people a free website.

Email costs are relatively low and there are lots of options, so if you need only one or two accounts, then you can pay a smaller amount than a business that wants dozens or hundreds of email accounts.

4. Wix Payments

Wix has its own eCommerce payment processing system. This is one of the best ways that it collects money from users on its systems. There is no setup fee and they don’t have a charge for refunds or chargebacks. However, they do charge a transaction fee. This is equal to $0.30 plus 2.9% of the transaction value.

This is roughly the same as you would get if you were to collect payments from PayPal or Stripe. In addition, Wix doesn’t charge any money if you use another service, unlike other website builders.

5. Add-ons

You might need to add some features to your website, like storage, bandwidth, video, and more. This might be included within your plan, but sometimes is not. When it isn’t you might need to pay an extra monthly fee when you add it to your website.

Final Word: How Does Wix Make Money?

Wix makes money in various ways that allow it to offer some people free hosting and websites. Their charges cover the technology and staff to help customers to run their websites and reach audiences across the world and add new templates and features to their tools all the time.

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