Is the Wix Logo Maker Free?

Is the Wix Logo Maker Free?

When you start your business you will need to create a logo, luckily, Wix has a great Logo Maker that is free to use. The finished result of the Wix Logo Maker is that you will have a great logo that can be used to market your brand and give customers a visual clue to who you are and what you’re about. Learn more about the Wix Logo Maker here.

Will Others Receive the Same Logo Design?

When you’ve designed the business logo with the Wix logo tool, you’re able to customize it completely. This allows you to make the logo fit your brand and be more unique. However, there is a small chance that someone might choose a similar design, color scheme and more, but this is unlikely.

Which Files are Required to Print a Logo?

To print a logo, you need SVG vector files and high-resolution PNG files. These are approximately 5000 x 5000 pixels. You will get print-ready files of your logo if you choose any of the professional or professional and website packages of your website.

What’s the Difference between Vector and PNG files?

Vector files (SVG) are the best quality of an image your can get. They are infinitely scalable and can be used by designers and printers for the best quality images and printouts you have. You can also use these to print your logo on something very small like a business card or something very large like a billboard. Whatever the size the quality remains the same.

PNG have transparent backgrounds and are best used when you’re creating online materials like websites, social media and more.

Do I have to Pay for my Logo?

No, you don’t have to pay for your logo. You’re able to create and download the logo for free. However, the quality of the logo image that you will download for free will be far poorer than if you select a more premium plan. This can upset the revenue you can collect.

You can buy domain files using any credit or debit card.

Can you Buy a Wix Site With a Logo?

Yes. You’re able to buy any logo package with your website. You’re also able to create a free, branded landing page with just one click. This will create a ‘Coming Soon’ site that will conform to your brand’s style guide. This will welcome guests to your visitors that can give them a chance to sign up to your mailing list. Then you can create your website’s design with all new pages and more.

Are you able to Edit Your Logo?

You’re able to edit a logo you’ve created before at any time you would like to make changes. However, you will need to buy a new logo plan for the edited version. This is because the new logo designed is counted as a new logo.

Final Word: Is the Wix Logo Maker Free?

The Wix logo maker is a free tool that you can use for your branding. But you must purchase the logo files to use them or you will need to use lower quality images. This can damage your reputation.

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