What is a Wix App?

What is a Wix App?

In 2016, Wix launched a new service called the Wix App. This was part of the larger Wix OS solution that allowed users to create, manage and market their business from any place at any time. The Wix App allowed for an easier interface that streamlined the day-to-day management of the business on mobile. It also allowed for better operating of numerous functions from eCommerce, marketing, customer service and communications.

The app can work on a hyper-local to a global audience, allowing businesses of any size to have the benefits of their website within the Wix environment without being tied to their desk to answer all queries and managing marketing.

The platform currently hosts more than 20 million mobile sites, 400 million customer contacts and more than 300,000 eCommerce subscriptions. Therefore, Wix with the Wix app is one of the largest providers of online framework to have a brand presence.

Powerful Features

The app has several powerful features that enable brands to get the most from their online store. You can get real-time notifications of when a customer sends you a message, book an appointment or takes other actions on your website. You can then use the app to respond to them to make the process seamless and easy.

The app also allows you to start a live chat, where you can converse with visitors to your website online without them knowing you’re not in the office. You can offer them better customer service, help them find products that they’re looking for and even help them with any refunds/cancellations they might want to process.

You’re also able to manage your store on the go. From snapping a new product photo and adding it to your online store or by using the app to change prices, create new offers and more for audiences to engage. You don’t have to wait to make those changes.

You’re also able to blog on the go. You can gain access to all the advanced Wix blogging features with ease and create posts, add text, photos, change the font, create active links and more while you’re out and about. The ease with which this can be done can help you reach that target of 15 blog posts per month, something that can help your business rank better on Google and other search engines.

If your brand uses bookings or appointments, the Wix app can connect you to your appointment requests. You can also manage them with ease.

And everything is available to you within a feed. You can receive lots of updates on everything about your business from invoices to inventory alerts while you are on the go.

Final Word: What Is a Wix App?

The Wix app allows you to manage your brand’s website on Wix while on the go. There are lots of features that can help you manage everything from sales to customer service with ease and without issues. You can learn more about the Wix app by visiting their website and creating a new Wix account.